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Notes from the Doc...

“JazzyFit” is a nickname my friends called me back in my 20’s when I was teaching a million fitness classes and had the energy of an energizer bunny. When I became a doctor, the name just stuck. 

I’ve kept the name as the  moniker as the name of my business because I truly believe that every woman should always be Jazzy (or her best self) as well as fit. Fit in all of the 7 health areas I coach. 

Since I’ve begun, I have opened up my services to men as well. Everyone needs practical knowledge that yields results.

I bring to you over 15 years of experience (in both private and public sectors) and 7 years teaching both graduate and undergraduate students. I do not know everything but am constantly seeing knowledge and only wish to provide you with objective, unadulterated health information. 

Health and blessings, 

Dr. Jasel D. Martin aka DrJazzyFit

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