My goal as your nutrition & lifestyle coach is to:

  • Help you re-define how you think about food/nutrition & movement
  • Help you understand why good nutrition matters for your personal health but also on a community and global level
  • Help you understand what happens when you exercise and what type of exercise is best for your body type
  • Help you identify limiting beliefs you have about yourself and your capabilities
  • And so much more

Tell me more...

What comes with the service?

After beginning with a comprehensive dietary and wellness analysis, I can help you by…

  • Developing a sustainable, individualized plan to reach your health goals
  • Creating a meal pattern that fuels your day-to-day activities
  • Exploring intuitive, guilt-free eating
  • Providing solutions for food allergies/intolerances
  • Separating nutrition fact from fiction (you might be shocked)
  • Optimizing your meal prep skills for maximum time & money savings + stress reduction
  • Discovering your inner magical super star unicorn powers 

My services are open to individuals, couples, and families

What is food?

Food is so much more than fuel. And your body is so much more than a machine. 

Both your body and food are smart. Your body is not merely just a calorie accountant. 

Food is full of meaning, information and communication. When we eat, food tells our body to do this or do that. Release this hormone. Express this protein. Food sends instructions that kicks off a chemical chain reaction; creating a beautiful cascade of events through our bodies. 

Food tells a story. A story about people. 

How we eat, where we eat, and what we eat tells a story about who we are, what we think about and what’s important to us. 


What is good nutrition?

1. Good nutrition asks people to care about the food they eat. 

Your choices are actually less important than actually paying better attention to what you’re eating. 

2. Good nutrition focuses on food quality

Almost no meal plan, I (or any other trained and certified coach for that matter) will ask you to eat more processed, nutrient-depleted fake-food or food-stuffs. 

Focus on eating whole minimally processed, and nutrient-rich foods. 

3. Good nutrition helps eliminate nutrient deficiencies. 

When you care about what you eat, you choose foods mindfully, and try to get the best quality foods within your budget. (I will show you how). 

4. Good nutrition helps control appetite and food intake. 

With processed food, it’s hard to get “just one”. You want to just keep eating and eating, 

When we are more aware of what we eat, we feel more satisfied because we typically choose higher-quality foods which eliminates nutritional deficiencies, This helps you feel more satisfied, both physiologically and psychologically. 

5. Good nutrition promotes regular exercise. 

Good nutrition fits with regular activity like a lock into a key. Let’s find which activities are most enjoyable for you. 

These principles are what helps keep people with varying diets healthy. Let’s remove the limiting factors in your life so that you can see the results you want. 

I do not have a single nutrition philosophy. I use evidence, research, data and plain common sense to make my decisions. As a scientist by training, I like to look at the evidence, at science, in what actually works and apply that knowledge to your individual and unique situation. I like to understand how and why things work. 

Some of the healthiest people in the world do not have a single nutritional philosophy. Have you ever tried a specific routine or foods that worked for you for a while, until one day they didn’t?…That’s because our bodies are beautiful and are always changing. 

A few examples: 

The Indigenous Arctic people and African Masai eat traditional diets that are high in fat and animal products, with few vegetables. 

Kitavans in the South Pacific, the Hadza of East Africa, and many groups in the Amazon basin (such as the Tsimane of Bolivia) eat traditional diets that are low in fat but high in vegetables and starchy carbohydrates. 

The !Kung of Africa eat traditional diets that are made up of mostly nuts and seeds. 

And then there are the centennarians in blue zones that live extra long lives (e.g. Okinawa or Sardinia). 

Why do you address the whole lifestyle?

I know you want to look good! (I want you that for you, too!)

But don’t you want to also “feel” good. And “think” good. I know that’s not proper grammar, but I’m not your traditional coach. 

Every element of your being is intertwined. You can only be but so  “healthy” if your nutrition and movement are on point but you’re addicted to stinkin’ thinkin’ or can’t manage your finances, or make real connections with people to save your life. We discuss the essential components of all of these elements to make you over.