Mission Statement

How may I serve you?

There is so much information out there pertaining to health. My focus is to give my audience factual information that is relevant to your background and lifestyle. I want to help you understand the role of the 7 core health components and their contribution to your overall health. Your body is more than a machine. It’s really not even completely “human”.  

My mission is to help my clients feel confident and positive about themselves and their lifestyle. I am here to do more than simply teach you how to feed yourself and move your body. I am ready to work together with you to help you change the way you experience food, your environment, & yourself to create a personalized plan that works with your lifestyle. And the best part is that my counseling services are almost completely virtual. I do provide some local 1:1 services as well.


This business was established to inspire you to live a healthy and happy life. I incorporate  7 main components of health and wellness into my coaching, including: physical health, emotional health, environmental health, spiritual health, financial health, social health, and mental health. Through my coaching & training services, teaching, social media presence and constantly evolving product line, I promise to bring you the most fact based information out there. 



Keep reading to learn more about my coaching philosophy. When you’re ready to work with me, simply visit my store and select the coaching or consultation services to check out.