Is A Sugar Addiction Ruining Your Health?

Do you suffer from sugar addiction? It may sound crazy that those little granules of sugar can be addictive and even that they play such a hazardous role to your health, but it’s true. You might think that you don’t even eat sugary treats, so it can’t possibly affect you, but again, you’d be wrong. Today, sugar is in everything and called a variety of different names. It’s often in foods that are low fat, to give it more flavor. You’ll find it in ketchup, soup and even bread. It can be called anything from isolated fructose, glucose/fructose syrup, glucose and maltose. Worse of all, it stimulates the same area in the brain as opioids and has withdrawal symptoms when you quit. That makes it addictive.

If you want a healthy immune system, cut out sugar.

You need a strong immune system to fight off bacteria, fungi, virus and even cancerous cells. Your immune system uses vitamin C to aid it in the battle. Sugar has a structure that resembles vitamin C. vitamin C is necessary for the proper functioning of the white blood cells and the immune system. Because they have similar structures, sugar competes with the vitamin C, so less is available for the white blood cells, reducing its effectiveness for up to five hours. That can promote illness, including serious conditions like cancer, by reducing the effectiveness of the immune system.

Heart disease is more likely, the more sugar you consume.

If you eat a lot of sugar, the potential for heart disease increases. A diet that gets 25% of its calories from sugar can raise blood pressure. It can cause excess fats to be dumped in the blood stream by the liver. How much sugar is the maximum? The American Heart Association suggests no more than six extra teaspoons of sugar for women and nine teaspoons for men. Consider how much sugar is in a 12-ounce can of cola, about 9-teaspoons, you can see why just one sweetened drink can tip you over the edge.

Insulin resistance comes from too much sugar and leads to diabetes.

People who develop type2 diabetes first have insulin resistance. It occurs before metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Insulin resistance occurs when there’s so much glucose in the blood stream the cells don’t unlock, so the cells don’t get enough energy, signaling the body to produce even more insulin. It occurs for a variety of reasons, factors associated with it include lack of exercise, excessive abdominal fat, lack of sleep, smoking and consuming excess sugar.

  • You’ve probably heard it all your life, but repeating it can remind you. Sugar causes tooth decay, which can cause an infection that travels to the heart or brain, plus ruin a beautiful smile.
  • Varicose veins, arthritis, weak eyesight and even gall stones are conditions that can occur from eating food with added sugar. Sugar can even cause premature aging by creating advanced glycation end products—AGEs, which attack collagen and elastin that keep you looking younger.
  • Fruits have natural sugar, but they also have fiber, which slows the sugar absorption and reduces the potential swing of blood glucose levels.
  • You have to read labels to ensure there isn’t added sugar. Look for sugar, fructose or other sugar synonyms. My online meal plans make it easy to eat healthy without added sugar.

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