Exercise In Your Office

Working long hours and trying to juggle a family life create an environment, where you often don’t have time for a full workout. If you’re determined to get fit, lose weight and feel your best, you know that at least some form of exercising every day is important. Now you can multi-task and exercise in your office for those days when your regular exercise program just won’t work.

Studies show that just three 10-minute sessions a day can make a difference.

You don’t have to do the workout all at once. You can split it up to three sessions or four. As long as you get your body moving it’s good. One study showed that people who did twelve 5-minute workouts throughout the day got better results than those who worked an hour a day. Another study showed that women who did activities throughout the day that required short bursts of high intensity activity, lost more body fat than the control group who did nothing. That proves that while it isn’t always the best for weight loss and getting into shape, it still helps. When you move, move fast and hustle through your physical task.

If you have an office with a door, shut the blinds and do some dips.

You really don’t need privacy to do these and might even set a trend in the office. Try a chair dip. You’ll workout your shoulders and triceps and even get rid of a few kinks in your shoulders. Slide your bottom toward the edge of the chair, putting your palms down at the edge, while holding the sides of the chair. Slowly move your body weight off the chair, lowering it down and suspending it above the floor for a count of six. Lift yourself back onto the chair and repeat. Start with three sets of six and work up to three sets of ten.

Get your core muscles strong.

Leg extensions can be done anywhere you have a chair and if you sit at a desk, nobody will detect your doing them. Scoot your chair back and sit on the edge with your arms at your sides. Start with both feet flat on the floor in normal sitting position. Extend one leg out straight and put the foot flat so the heel is also on the floor. Lift the leg as high as possible. Hold for a count of ten. Lower it. Do this a total of four times then switch and do the other leg.

  • Do arm circles to improve your circulation. Sitting up straight, put your arms out straight, palms down with thumbs forward. Push your shoulder blades together and make small circles with your arms. Do the same but with palms up.
  • Do leg lifts and bicycles while seated. Push yourself around the room with your legs if you have rollers on your chair. Run up and down the steps during your break for five minutes or take a brisk walk around the block.
  • Isometric exercises are good. Blow out all the air you can, even if you have to bend over to do it. Pull your stomach in hard and hold as you go back to a normal seated position with your back straight and shoulders back. Hold your stomach in as long as you can.
  • There’s a number of exercises you can do in five-minutes throughout the day. Check out what we have to offer at DrJazzyFit. Did you know that sitting longer than 55-minutes is detrimental to your health? Why not take a five-minute break every hour to do an exercise that will add to your fitness program.

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